Luigi Vallario, aka Vallac, raised in Milan.
At an early age of 10 year's old He discovered His passion for music and after having approached various instruments He definitively chose for the electric bass.
As a teenager He played with various rock bands but always had a very curious eye to the world of Dj’s.At the beginning of the 90's to support himself, He got a job in a small concert agency, but always continued his activities as a musician.The commitment became very intense to the point that without even realizing it, in a short time He became one of the most important Italian Production Managers, the time for playing bass was over!This sacrifice created more and more curiosity for the world of Djing....In 2017 he was invited to join on stage with an Italian artist (Nek) during his tour as DJ, and so started working alongside this talented artist. He decided to pursue his dream as a DJ, creating the person of Vallac.