TECH @eseltechpa is an emergent DJ that has been working in music for about 12 years. Born and raised in the magical town of San Cristobal de Las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

He started his music career playing piano and drums, his passion for music has always been present.

He started his DJ career by the influence of  “Mid Night Sound” in 2011 playing on local parties at his middle school and getting hired in a lot of garage and house parties along with his long-time best friend RA.

In 2021 his mom believed that he was built differently by telling him “Tú eres bueno Davi, el límite es el cielo” -“You’re great Davi, the sky's the limit”.

Along with his DJ business he’s also an engineer specialized in mechanics and electricity. 

Tech is looking to achieve his music dream and share his passion to the world, make his “PAs”, enjoy every single second of his performances and passion for the music.

He is also looking to support talent that believe in themselves and is eager to start growing the label DomDi Records that he is part of.

In 2022 Rockmont, North Carolina, USA. Gave him the opportunity to play at his local prom-party and show his fellow friends and coworkers what eselTECHpa was about.

The first opportunity to show professionally his talent was given by his academy AXSS Music at Guadalajara, Mexico.

Currently he’s playing at Caribbean Wings in Zapopan, Mexico, where you can find him each weekend.

TECH has been filming and playing various sets in a lot of different destinations around the globe that will be uploaded in the near future. Right now, he believes that all music genres are Rock & Roll, you will see him play what is called ‘open-format’ but he has a unique music taste and loves to play Tech – House, House, Disco House, Techno. And what has started growing the “RegueTECH”. 

glad you exist 

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