Nema Levente Csaba aka Smog was born on the 23rd August 1980, in the West side of Romania, in the city called Arad.
He discovered music on LP's, since he was a 4 years old child and started listening from Johan Sebastian Bach till Led Zeppelin and so forth.Sometime, when he was around 14 years old, Csabi had a friend who called him always to go out with him and to enjoy the nightlife.Csabi started working as a lights technician in some clubs and got to know how the nightlife is working .Since 1997 he was the famous Dj resident in the most popular club from Romania called Viva (Arad).
In 1999 he was the main DJ@Beer Festival in Arad, which was the biggest in Romania .
Eventually 2006 was the year when he decided to dedicate time for himself and also to his professional life and improvements, therefore he moved out from Romania to Germany.
On his way to nowadays he continued to play in several countries like Denmark,Italy,Spain,Portugal,UK.
Future is his next destination.
Enjoy the ride and the music.
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