Dj & Producer Sergio Sotelo (1987)
At its start as a DJ in 2003, the admiration of music Jazz, Bossanova, and Electronic music to convinced that house music was the newest offering this genre. As part of his academic training he joined the music school where G-Martell began his preparation and wrote his first musical notes, same as years later complemented by learning in DB Training and the Mexican School of Audio, which was outlined in so accurate in its genre. "Evolving play around the World " is its long-term goal . For 2011 record his first album . Living with his audience has left him to see those moments his compositions is turned over and becomes more effusive and shows more emotion. As part of its growth, Dj Sotelo knows that the only way forward is the constant composition of tracks and sound production, audio and effects to consolidate his style. Crossing borders and Electronic Music is the evolution of music, as well as technology, has advanced and has nurtured several areas, the technology is now applied to music and this is the result," says the DJ you see in the use of synthesizers and audio programs the new way of creating music as valuable as that part only of the use of instruments. On the House Club is his favorite track as it is the result of his musical philosophy with the firm promise of his artistic development.