Roman Bartl was born and lives in Munich in the south of Germany. His love for music in general and electronic music in particular consolidated at a very young age. About ten years ago, he started playing records on his own and thereupon creating his own mixtapes.Then about three years ago, he started his career as a DJ at Munich’s legendary afterhour club „Palais“. After joining Munich‘s Mosus collective, he started playing regularly on various underground raves as well as on the locally well-known „Kaiserwetter Open Air“, for which Roman quickly became a resident.Roman Bartl’s sets are characterized by solid groovy, progressive, and tropical tech house sounds, creating a positive vibe. Especially this positive vibe, paired with a high level of positive energy, is what makes his sets so unique and popular among his crowd of listeners. Roman is always looking for unique, unknown und undiscovered tracks that he always tries to put together in his sets to his own, personal groovy style of tech house. His own goal is to create a positive mood among his listeners and giving them a lot of pleasure, offering them to just have a good time.