He was showing interest of music at very early stage of his life. Only at the age of 6 he submitted his application to the local school of music without his parents knowledge. Although due to his young age his application was refused the his talent was recognised by the teachers and the following year he was accepted to the school without entrance exams. 5 years into his studies the termination of his chosen instrument without any alternative option has made him decide to leave the school. But his passion for music became even stronger.
In the 90' house music was introduced to local radio stations and night clubs. He acquired his knowledge of how to play vinyl records from Dj Kary and the following years he was focused on to develop it even further. In the beginning of 2000' due to his persistence and the obsession with music has earned him an opportunity to play in a significant night club in Budapest the Desperados. In 2008 he moved to Cyprus where he was the resident Dj for years of the famous Thursday beach parties in Waves Beach Bar and in La Plage Bar. Years later he moved to Germany and Austria but finally he settled in Ireland.
In 2022 he set his Midnight Sessions Show going on Wednesdays and he became the resident Dj of Ibiza Stardust Radio.