Mick Marcucci aka "Marcus Soulbynight" began his career as a DJ when mixers did not yet have pre-listening in discos and only 7 'single discs were used plus a few LPs.
His reference record labels were Stax & Motown and his most played records were: James Brown, Steve Wonder, The Temptation, Sly & The Family Stone, Marvin Gaye, Isaac Hayes, Curtis Mayfield, Rufus Thomas, Albert King, Bar Keys, The Staple Singers, The Commodores, The Fatback Band E.W. & Fire etc ....
We are talking about the real and good Soul, Funk, Jazz and Blues music, sometimes he went further, making Jazz-Funk songs dance.
In the years following his activity as a disco DJ, he added the radio one with the soul music program: Soulbynight (hence the nick name).
In the mid-70s disco music arrives and starts using the mix versions of songs such as: "Disco Inferno", "Night Fever", Boogie Wonderland etc….
The journey continues and in 1984, together with his friend VZO Maresca, he opens the dark / new wave disco and radio: Snoopi - Hyper which in a short time become a national reference point in the Night Clubbing Organization circuit.
After the new wave phenomenon disappeared, at the end of the 80s, the disco became a House music and M.S. he starts to mix differently, using the bpm of the tracks, and joining the vinyl mixes to give a single continuous sound flow or a DJ set like those of today.
Now, as then, always and only House music in all its facets with the use of software such as Ableton, FL studio, Traktor etc ... up to own productions and remixes.
In conclusion Marcus Soulbynigt has always been a DJ with a musical experience like few others.
Throughout his career he has played all the important and quality records continuing to do so, and how !!!!!!