Marc Mosca is a DJ / Music Producer from Germany, based in Duesseldorf. He works as a professional DJ in Clubs, Bars, Events and on Festivals. His music and production genre is house music with elements of minimal, electronic, progressive, deep, funk & soul.Marc worked in England, Balearic Islands – Ibiza & Mallorca – Netherlands, Germany and other areas all over the world. After a 13 years break, he started in April 2018 with a new style, concept and refreshed branding to focused on his work as DJ and Music Producer.Having released on big labels such as Tactical Records, Jango Records, Rawtone Records, Which Bottle? Records, Glitchworld Recordings, Jango Del Mar and Good Made Me Funky.He is regularly in the top regions of the charts with his fresh sounding releases. He is working with different Producer and great Artists on his releases from all countries over the world.Marc Mosca perform his sets at the decks before large audiences and belongs to one of the DJ’s who can win the crowd over the second he starts playing and makes each of his great performances absolutely legendary. The name Marc Mosca stands for energetic and uplifting house music with elements of minimal, electronic & funky. His appearance behind the decks guarantees an unforgettable party experience and that makes him as a guarantor for a great party or festival. He is always a DJ and a welcome guest for club owners across the nation.Marc never stopped tweaking, improving and looking for new types of genre to produce. His understanding for music production is …„everything“ is allowed. The same goes for his DJing.For more Information about his Music Production, please click this Link here for Artist Info:

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