Luca Viale aka Joker, eclectic and dynamic DJ, boasts to his credit the usual collaborations with the Buddha Bar in Monte Carlo.
Inspired by the typical sensations perceived in the Club, he loves to build his own sets by drawing on different matrices, delighting in "designing" an emotionally upward sound wave.
DJ since 2000, he becomes the protagonist in all the best clubs on the Côte d'Azur, from Sanremo to Montecarlo; his sets are required for the continuous emotional charge they transmit.
He studies and selects exotic musical cultures, bringing them closer and mixing them in surprising mixtapes full of organic, ethno-beat and afro / latin-house.
In 2022 he created and founded the "yahlumritual" project, that fully embodies his being.
The history of the last twenty years gives us an artistic profile continuously enriched by an insatiable curiosity for the study of new musical expressions.