Dj / Producer from Italy. His passion for music was born from an early age with intensive listening to various genres thanks also to the collection of vinyls and audio cassettes preserved by the Italian-American great-grandfather. Intrigued by some of the greatest hits of Dance and Hip Hop, he also discovers at the age of 10 the immense panorama of electronic music and from then on he was born the attraction for "House music" and the first melodies faithfully reproduced on the first keyboard. His musical tastes widened as he grew and found the maximum expression in the production of his first house songs, on his own, at only 17 years old. The passion for "Djing" develops at the age of 16 elaborating the first mixes by himself, stealing the tricks of this passion and letting himself be influenced by the most sought-after artists of the genre. Following various evenings in clubs in the italian area, making himself known with the stage name of "Cristian Freak", the italian DJ still finds today his particular predisposition and selection towards the Deep House and Future House, genres very popular in the Ibizan environment. In 2015 and 2016 he participated in two editions in the casting of Top Dj, the broadcast aired on Sky Uno Hd and Italia 1. In the summer of 2017 he presented his innovative dj set at the White Night Party in his city on the stage of the ancient Firmafede Fortress. His meeting in 2014 with the Japanese DJ / producer Satoshi Tomiie, considered for him a great master of house music and therefore a source of inspiration, was significant. In 2018/19 he changed his stage name to "KRISI5" by merging part of his surname, making it definitive and recognizable. Animated by the ambition to arrive one day on the most prestigious stages in Europe (inspired by his idols Bob Sinclar and Frankie Knuckles), he manages to naturally convey his personality to the public: because the secret is to have fun and entertain.
In 2019 he debuted on Spotify with his new album that talks about his own story. In 2020/21 he attended the Axtone Academy trying to learn all the tricks of the trade from master Axwell. He hopes the world will soon hear her journey through her sounds. The virus will never stop the love of music, and that's why it's here! To carry on this religion. ????????????????????