Joey Se


Joey Se, a New York City DJ/ Producer, traces his musical roots back to the vibrant streets of Puerto Rico. Immersed in the pulsating rhythms of the mid-80s, Joey kickstarted his career spinning records at the iconic "Parties de Marquesina," where locals gathered to revel in the latest dance tracks, eager for sounds not confined by mainstream radio.

Fuelled by the disco fervor of the late 70s, Joey's childhood was steeped in the beats and grooves of the era, thanks to the influence of his older siblings. His lifelong passion for music led him to collect records from a tender age, shaping his signature sound that pays homage to the golden age of dance music.

Venturing to Miami in the 90s, Joey found his groove in residencies at the most illustrious gay nightclubs across South Florida, including Ozone, The Saint, Coliseum, and The Pier. It was here that he fine-tuned his craft, captivating audiences with his seamless mixes and infectious energy.

In the early 2000s, armed with a degree in recording arts from Full Sail University, Joey embarked on a new chapter, delving into the world of remixing for esteemed artists such as Gloria Estefan and Taylor Dayne. Teaming up with business partner Lazaro Leon, he spearheaded a series of wildly successful events and managed premier clubs like NV, The Boulevard, and Bongo's, home to the famed Latin extravaganza, Fuego.

Though his current pursuits may lean towards family and other entrepreneurial endeavors, Joey's passion for music remains as fervent as ever. His impeccable radio mixes and electrifying sets on various internet platforms serve as a testament to his enduring love affair with the art form. With fresh original music and remixes in the pipeline, Joey Se continues to push boundaries and inspire generations with his timeless sound.

Catch Joey Se in action as he spins tales of nostalgia and euphoria, bridging the past and present with every beat.