From Barcelona ( Spain )
I knew I wanted to be a Dj, since the first time in the 90's when I heard on a cassette tape a megamix of a compilation of the time, I was fascinated, so much that with a radio cassette I tried to make repetitions and loops by connecting and disconnecting the REC button, it was a short time when I convinced my parents to buy me what was my first Dj equipment, some cymbals of dubious quality.
Years went by and when I was old enough to work I saved up and bought some direct drive turntables. It took me a short time to organize private techno parties among friends, I have always been between two styles, Techno and Tech-House. Years later and influenced by the house music clubs in my city, I started to include tech-house to my suitcase of records, the freshness that tech-house gave to my sessions was more than palpable. At that time I was playing in a local club for about a year, today I still play as a hobby in a studio I have at home.