Franck Olivier “magic moment” as he recalls it, and first contact with what would become one of the biggest music movement of the next 30 years coincided with the “Summer of Love” that was hitting the UK around the years 88/89, echoing from places such as the Hacienda in Manchester.During this time, which coincided also with the start of rave parties, he used to buy and collect records that he would play at any parties he could, in the middle of forests, caves, abandoned sites, fields, and any other spot that could accommodate a sound system and hundreds of wild teenagers like him.Raver teen and a lover of electronic music since the early 90s, Franck Olivier sets invite to a time journey through music and styles, incorporating his influences that span over 3 decades. Open to all kind of music his mixes are versatile, eclectic and dig into all genres and subgenres of electronic music, from ravy beat and bass lines, to acidy synths, housy rhythms, funky guitars, African bongos, going through minimal, deep, techno, electro and tech house, afro house, or nu-disco with a taste for uplifting melodies and spiritual ethnical sways.Social network links: