DJ Goose


My name is DJ Goose, I am 49 years old, by profession I am lawyer and I do my business in an important international firm.

In my life I have always played, first the piano and then, in youth, the keyboards in different covers rock music bands and in amateur music ensembles jazz.

After a long period of inactivity due to my professional activity, at the age of 40 I attended the DJ academy organized by Goodymusic in Rome (a milestone place for DJs) and a program for music producer.

I therefore started as a DJ and producer under the name “DJ Goose”.

In the last 9 years therefore (except for the forced suspension due to Covid) I have always fed my passion for music by playing in some clubs or in private parties (taking care of the organization also of partying with a group of other DJ friends).

As a producer, regularly registered at SoundReef, I have produced several tracks that are published on the main stores (iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beatport etc.) and some of my remixes that I posted on SoundCloud instead.

I think that my music tells about me better than me