DJ Ferny was born in Bilbao, Spain. He started honing his craft at the age of 14 and played at Fragatta Club in Laredo, Spain and was a regular on Radio Laredo at the time. His early influences were Soul and R&B. He developed a love for house music which shaped his DJ style. The Ferny style is that of uplifting house music with a soulful singer sliced in to take it to the next level.
By 1995, DJ Ferny was making a name for himself on the club scene in Bilbao. He had a regular set at Spacio Club and was prolific in importing the best House music on vinyl, he was the man for the latest house tunes at the time. He played at several other clubs in Bilbao and joined the crew of 40 Principales Radio Bilbao.
His drive to refine his art further led him to London at the end of 1995. The London clubbing scene at the time was massive and DJ Ferny was in his element. He was in London for 5 years and regularly played at the Bug Bar in Brixton and The Cross in Kings Cross. He did warm up sets at the Fridge and Turnmills in London.
He moved to Tenerife in 2000 and was a regular at Ministry, Rags, Tramps, and Cream. He moved back to Bilbao in 2005 for personal reasons and spent time marketing in the music industry whilst continuing to DJ on the Bilbao club scene. He currently has a residency at Kubrik in Bilbao and is a regular on Ibiza Stardust Radio.
The Ferny style always gets the crowd rocking on the dancefloor. His unique mixing style of uplifting house with Latin influences never disappoints.