I'm Carlos Blanco Andriolo, Uruguayan, born in a small but beautiful town called Dolores. I am 29 years old and I currently live in Galicia.
In my childhood I was linked to music in high school and I also studied percussion and wind instruments. My love for electronic music began in 2016 when I went to a festival in Rocha, Uruguay for the first time and a very good DJ played who I do not remember his name. then i started listening a lot to boris brejcha, he is an artist i admire a lot. my preferred genre is deep house and also afro and tech house. My tracks are very much inspired by drum sounds and I likes to mix symphonies or classical melodies with these genres.

Career Background
DJ in Qatrevido (Uruguay - Montevideo)
DJ in Brava Club (Uruguay - Montevideo)
DJ in El Viejo Oeste (Uruguay - Montevideo)
DJ in La India (Uruguay - Dolores)
DJ in FDH (Uruguay - Montevideo)
DJ in Blonda (Uruguay - Montevideo)
DJ in Hey Chopp (Uruguay - Montevideo)
DJ in MoonMusicClub (España - SDC)
DJ in Moda Nights (España - Coruña)

Academic Background
Dj School Uruguay
Professional Music Producer - (2018 - 2019) 1 year
Dj School Uruguay
Professional Dj & Vj - (2017-2018) 1 year

Reach me at:
Phone: 695 03 62 69
Instagram: djcarba_uy

ImportAnt info.
I am also a video editor and community manager.

This summer I will be in Ibiza.
When it comes to playing I prefer to do it with a pioneer cdj or take my equipment.