DJ Andrejko


Roman (DJ Andrejko) is an experienced DJ with a career starting in the early ’90s (89). In his twenties, he has professionally worked for several prominent upcoming Techno and House large-scale clubs in Bratislava, Slovakia (M&M club Dimitrovka, Techno club Bocaccio). This was during the times when the Berlin Wall came down and democracy swept the Eastern Bloc. He was also a resident DJ on a newly formed Rock FM Radio for DMC UK’s branch in Bratislava, Slovakia, Friday nights spinning from vinyl. Roman performed in smaller settings in local venues, bars, restaurants, weddings, and school/private events. During his first professional year as a mobile DJ, Roman traveled the country with a bunch of beatniks, spinning after party at rock concert events. In late 1990 roman set out to work with new owners of M&M club Bratislava to build one of the best equipped and most prominent clubs in Eastern block post-revolution. In 1992 after a stellar two years, the club was set on fire and the building burned down sustaining significant damage which took out Roman’s nearly entire collection of vinyl singles, and Technics decks and stopped production for many months. The setting wasn’t the same for him, thus he made a decision to go and study in the US. He had begun a humble life in the streets of New York City (Brooklyn) in early 1993. It is clear that his exposure to New York and Manhattan's club scene of the early nineties has left an impression on his style and selection that can be seen in his current work. A decade later, re-inventing himself and living a completely different life as an Industrial Design Engineer he moved to North Carolina and set out to re-discover his long lost passion for House Music. Two years later he landed his first radio gig with Star Radio FM (Germany), Epic Radio, Beach Radio weekly shows (UK) completing over seventy weekly sessions, radio out of Raleigh NC spinning Chicago style classic house monthly, also spinning for here and there and finally, IbizaStardustRadio as a resident DJ. House for Life!