Darren Naidoo ( ODH-DJ) is from South Africa . He is currently living in South East Asia . Darren has lived and worked in several countries exploring different cultures and music. His heart beats for music and travel. He strongly believes that music has the power to unite people. Music has the ability to evoke people into positive emotions and euphoric experiences.

Darren’s love for Progressive House music goes way back. Today his love for Deep House Music has got him mixing Organic House and Melodic House Music. Darren Naidoo has recently started producing his own Tracks. (Keep an eye/ ear open for his productions)
Darren loves listening to and playing unique music.
He especially appreciates the ambience Organic House brings to a room on any occasion and when the mood is up he can take you on an unforgettable Melodic House journey .
He has love to share with you through his music . You can listen to his monthly sets on Ibiza Stardust Radio .
You can also find him on all social media platforms @ Darren Naidoo (ODH-DJ)