Hi , I’m Daniele Ronco , I’m 44 and I come from ItalyI started djing at 20 playing in small clubs in my area and at private parties.I’ve always had a preference for house music, deep house and minimal , but I’m always looking for the sound I like best.I had a long break ( years of long break …. ) , but during the covid quarantine I started playing again with records , tracks and electronic instruments.I’m trying to produce my own tracks , but I’m at the beginning and I have a lot to learnI am a lover of turntables , but I also like playing with cdj and modern technologies.My main job has no connection with music and thanks to music I can take a relaxing break ; when I don’t play with music and I don’t work I like trekking , fishing and going around with Vespa scooter.I met Ibiza Stardust Radio thanks to web ( Alexa and Instagram ) and for me it’s a new experience to share my dj set online , with the hope that they will like it.