Da Rango


Bio: In 1978 I was born in Haldensleben (Germany). Already in my childhood I listened to a lot of music and was fascinated by it. When I turned 16 I bought my first drum set and practiced every day. I was in several rock and grunge bands. We played a lot of Nirvana, Guns n' Roses, Smashing Pumpkins and many more. It never let me go. At the age of 20 I discovered electronic music. I bought my first turntables a year later and started djing. I went to underground parties almost every weekend and played music. The best experience was at the "Tresor" Berlin. From then on I was unstoppable, I wanted to produce my own music. 4 years ago I bought a home studio and started producing progressive house. My first tracks were released through "Yeiskomp Records". Currently I'm producing techno and I've already released one track on the label "Feelhype Records“.