Valeria Rizzo (D.J. Valeree) born in 1986, starts his Dj carrere in 2003 playing during friend’s parties. After a few years later she debuts at the Re Vittorio Disco in Messina during an Electronic Matineé. Then there are experiences and collaborations with some Sicilian organizations such as Nar.ci.si; Danilo LG Public relations; N.U.O; Disguise ,House Family; Enter Group; Exit10 & Love; Musik!. In 2014 she take parts in a project named “Deep Funk”, in wich two musicians, a guitarrist and a saxophonist play on the dj records. In 2017 she participated in the One Day music contest, ranking first in the House / Techno category. This allows her to perform at the One Day Music Festival at the Afrobar in Catania, on May 1st.
Dj Valeree offers an eclectic sound that ranges within the House Music at 360 degrees, in fact she has often been a guest at events in his city such as Paul Ursin & Friends, Free Mood, Presound, Love Me Fest. As a radio experience he worked for several years with Radio Mia 98.6 fm in Palermo managing two programs: Aperichart and Club Valeree. Other radio collaborations have been with Radio Studio 55, Radio Strega, Idea Radio and Radio Action. In 2022 Dj Valeree starts to collaborate in LGBT events with Next Level group playing at Messina Stretto Pride. Currently she works at Club Aenigma in Messina proposing House and Discomusic.