Brisa Then


Brisa Then is a talented Dominican DJ based in Madrid. She has specialized in the genres of Afro House, Organic, and Melodic, and has earned a prominent reputation in the city's music scene.

One of Brisa Then's most notable performances to date was at the renowned A Summer Story festival in Madrid, sharing the stage with prominent artists such as Armin Van Buuren, Fisher, Dj Nano, among others. This festival is known for featuring some of the most outstanding and talented DJs in the electronic music scene, and Brisa's participation in this event showcases her ability to captivate large crowds with her musical selection and stage energy.

In addition to her standout performance at A Summer Story, Brisa Then has made her mark in various Madrid clubs. She has played at popular venues such as Marula Club, Macera Club, El Sótano, Morris, Liberty Club, Hangar 48, and Rastro Live. These clubs are known for their lively atmosphere and focus on electronic music, and Brisa has made a lasting impression with her rhythm-filled sets and distinctive style.

Brisa Then's career trajectory continues to rise, and her passion for music and talent as a DJ have established her as a prominent figure in Madrid's electronic scene. Her focus on Afro House, Organic, and Melodic genres has allowed her to create unique and exciting experiences for music lovers, and her presence at festivals and clubs demonstrates her ability to captivate audiences with her talent and charisma