Witten/Germanny hey friends of good dance music....???? isn't it the point if a DJ can take people to an ode to joy, let's call it ❤️ rhythm/journey and make it!!! The party people/head dancers/toilet dancers/dream dancers /Hetro/Homo and everyone who is still over ???????????? clear the pear and dance, dance, dance ???????? I love and live the bass....???? please hear me....???? Dj Bjørek
hey I won a DJ competition in NRW (Germany) in 1999 when I was still green....???? after that I had my foot in the door and was booked in many clubs (Tarm Center, Poisen Club, ButtanClub, Bungalow, Villa Hagen,Factory,Ballhaus,Syncron Club,Nightrooms) that actually went quite well, although I had more party on my mind than anything else....????then the time came when I had to decide to hang up or to help the family... ... I come from a gastronomy family and had to continue the gastronomy and therefore had no more time for the music.... ???? I've finally been free for 2 years... ???? I sold the company and now I only take care of it the music...I'm currently looking for a management....???? Bjørek