Antonio Rodríguez was born in Ciudad Real (Spain) and started his DJ career in 1993. At the beginning his strongest musical influences came from Funky, Soul, R&B evolving as soon as he met electronic music to House and Soulful House (late 90's), Deep House and more recently is touching more energetic rhythms such as Tech House or the most melodic aspects of Techno. Anyway his DJ sets always contain soul vocals and well elaborated melodies. He is used to long DJ sets and his sessions use to progressively increase the rhythm by traveling through the different styles of House music. Long mixes and frequency balance are other features that were inherited from his vinyl sessions although he is now using as well other technical options.
He has performed at different places mainly located at the South East and Center of Spain. Clubs such as Popnorama, Sala Inn, Owl Club, Moma, Fox Congo, 69 Monos, Bolsería, Mosquito, Mogambo, Take Take, Modo, Bolshoi, Kokoa, Neo or Caribou.
He also enjoyed residencies at other emblematic places of the Underground scene such as Funkdacion Sonora, Caray in Ciudad Real, Sala Quatre, Jardines del Real, UnSur, Metal or Bounty in Valencia and Colors or Jardín de Abril in Albacete.
He also visited Ibiza where he performed DJ Sets at Bora Bora or Hotel Pachá.
He is part of Kabaret Funk and has timely collaborated with Universal Love.
Antonio Rodríguez is currently living in Albacete and is periodically playing at Luna Nueva club.
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