Andrew Mills


Andrea Mazzicone, better known by his DJ name, Andrew Mills, is constantly looking for sounds that elicit emotion, with an open and sensorial dialogue with the crowd. He tries to make his performances technically creative, precise and elegant, reflecting the house, tribal and tech-house genres he plays the most. He also draws upon music from all genres as well as the most contemporary sounds being used by music artists today.

The DJs he admires and whose techniques he is influenced by include Carl Cox, Gregor Salto, Jeff Mills and Chris Lake. Starting out as DJ at age 16, he then trained at the Italian National DJ Association (ASSO DJ) and has worked closely with well-known producer Michi Fasano.

He has since progressed to play at some of the best clubs in Bari, Italy. These include Palazzo Sparano, Orto Botanico club and Solinio. He has also played at reception halls such as Specchia Sant'Oronzo, Regina Bona Sforza and Al Sole Resort. He also played at the Asso DJ Festival in Bitonto and the Top DJ Salentino of Francavilla Fontana. He has performed in the most relevant summer and winter clubs and discos, such as Bloom Beach Bar, 12Zero3 City Club, Circle Club, N.75 Cocktail Club, Babel Lounge Bar, Spritzeria, Bewith Lounge Bar, Jackstore Social Club, Cala Cerasa.

His has just released his first single ‘POWER OF LOVE’ on Claw Records, a major Italian dance label. Mills a resident DJ for two online radio stations, MG Radio and Ibiza Stardust Radio, where he has weekly programmes where he features the current most popular tracks played at club around the world.