As an Ambitious, talented and rising DJ, London UK based Acid Harry is making an impression on the music scene performing sets that will never be forgotten. Acid Harry’s passion for music over the years has prepared him for the industry when he embarked on his DJ career a few years back.

Acid Harry’s distinctive and iconic sound ranging from all kinds of underground dance music to his imprint tech house sound has inspired many and entertained even more. Over the years, Acid Harry has had many musical influences, from huge underground UK garage pioneers to international tech house icons to name just a few. You can certainly hear the explosive energy that Acid Harry’s foundations are laid upon.

With 4 releases scheduled this year on Wirlix Records and many others shelved, Acid Harry will be a regular named artist on the international music download hitlist.

Living and working hard through the industry with the concept of ‘hard work pays off’ success is leading Acid Harry in the direction to perform at many impressive venues, brands and locations, such as club lands titan Ministry of Sound based in London UK.

With Acid Harry’s eclectic and very broad musical knowledge and background, Acid Harry is leading the charge with explosive and memorable performances. From Ibiza to all around Europe, festivals to clubs, underground garage to tech house – the future is set to be a crazy for Acid Harry, watch this story.