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November 24, 2019

INT*era - Aqueduct

The latest double-pack from Acting Press shows label bosses PLO Man and C3D-E teaming up with Vancouver staple Hashman Deejay under the name INT*era. As with th..

Seven Orbits - EP0001

Seven Orbits is an audiovisual project from Italian artist Matteo Zamagni, where scrambled beats become trigger points for live visuals that in turn feed back t..

V/A - Orbit's Spell Volume 1

The first compilation from Oakland label Orbit's Spell is an inspiring look at DIY dance music scenes across the USA (with a brief sojourn to Copenhagen courtes..

Benjamin Milz - ORKL​-​0114​-​Series 02

Frankfurt's Oliver Hafenbauer has long championed his hometown scene as a booker and promoter at the famed Robert Johnson nightclub as well as through his recor..

D.K. – The Goddess is Dancing

Over the past year, D.K. (real name Dang-Khoa Chau) has released nearly two-and-a-half hours of music: a trilogy of dance floor 12-inches, a live album and a 38..

Ingi Visions - Ingi Visionair EP

"We're not here to educate people," Samuel Deep told us in SlapFunk's Label Of The Month feature. "When I play, I wan..

Kahn & Neek - (Having A Sick Time) In The Mansions Of Bliss

Any dubstep fan should feel a tingle of nostalgia on hearing that "Yes Iyah" producer tag at the beginning of (Having A Sick Time) In The Mansions Of Bliss

Various - Refraction Volume 5

Titonton Duvante's records are both timeless and of the moment, with analogue warmth made slightly sinister by the occasional break or electro motif. We see thi..

Etapp Kyle - Nolove

I've never been one for dance music and videos (beyond the obvious classics). But Etapp Kyle's

Axel Boman - Eyes Of My Mind

In his Rewind review of Fallout's The Morning After, Kirk Degiorgio transported us back to the orbital rave scene in the UK, b..

Head Front Panel - HFP#014

Liverpool's John Heckle had already established a career making ramshackle, live-jam techno by the time he launched the Head Front Panel project in 2014. His mu..

Carl Stone - Au Jus / The Jugged Hare

When I saw Carl Stone perform in London a couple of years back, the three pieces he played varied greatly in style bu..

Ryan Elliott ‎- The Move EP

Ryan Elliott has, relatively speaking, gone mad on the release front these past 12 months. After going six years without putting out a record, he's now dropped ..

Afrikan Sciences - Have It Tall

Eric Porter, the Oakland producer known as Afrikan Sciences, is a master of loose and fluid grooves. His records range from jazzy deep house on AYBEE's Deepblak..

Swan Meat - Fleshworld

It would be a ludicrous understatement to call Swan Meat's new EP overwhelming. Her style of experimental club music has long been confrontational, but on Fl..

Fiorious - I'm Not Defeated (Cassius XL Remix)

The video for Fiorious's 2018 house hit "I'm Not Defeated" cuts together clips of LGBTQ+..

Hyroglifics & Sinistarr - BS6

There's so much about the first release on Hooversound Recordings that just makes sense. Founded by two of London's most exciting DJs, Naina and

Nikki Nair - Scuzzy

Less than two years into releasing records, Knoxville's Nikki Nair has put out disco and house on Discovery, leftfield UK styles on Gobstopper and booming broke..

ELLES - summers_of_love

The past 12 months have seen a noticeable surge in the number of UK garage-inspired releases. So far, most of it has come from outlets explicitly dedicated to U..

Andrew Weatherall - Unknown Plunderer / End Times Sound

The first posthumous release by the late Andrew Weatherall hit the shelves on Friday, February 21st, just four days after his death. ..


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