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November 24, 2019

Adam Pits & Lisene Present - Space Cadets

So much UK club music throughout the 2010s bore the influence of dubstep. Rarely did it feel as jacking and groovy as Adam Pits & Lisene Present Space Cadets..

Fio Fa - Rescue Squad

Rescue Squad is the first release on Duality Trax, a new label from Irish selector Holly Lester. The '90s are a clear influence throughout this EP, begin..

Rewind: Galliano - Skunk Funk (Andrew Weatherall Cabin Fever Dub)

Rewind is a review series that dips into electronic music's archives to dust off music from decades past. 1992 was an odd yet ..

Schacke - There's Something Inside Me

Martin Schacke's centrality to Copenhagen's bubbling techno scene, his prodigious work rate (check out all those aliases) and his use of BDSM themes all partly ..

Blixaboy - Databreak

Wanz Dover is a staple not only of the Dallas electro scene, but the Metroplex's music community as a whole. He's played in countless..

Rubber Bullets - Smell Your Smog

The video for "Smell Your Smog" is a repeating clip of a bridge awash in green, red, an..

Gosub & Taimur - The Controller

Blk|Market Membership were the premier New York City minimal promoters for a long stretch of the '00s before going on hiatus in 2017. Following the split, cofou..

Erol Alkan - Spectrum (Special Request Kaleidoscopic Mix)

A new Special Request remix is always a treat, and his version of Erol Alkan's 2018's "Spectrum" is no different. In Paul Woolford's ..

Surgeon - The Golden Sea

In recent years, Anthony Child, the originator of UK techno's gravelly "Birmingham sound," has reoriented his gaze towards increasing..

Yohei S & Daniel 58 - Eight Two Five

Parallel Minds is the Toronto label run by Ciel, Yohei S and Daniel 58, though you're probably not familiar with the latter two. That's OK, because that's why P..

Sofia Kourtesis - Sarita Colonia

Like her Studio Barnhus labelmates Kornél Kovács and Baba Stiltz, Sofia Kourtesis has an ear for offbeat samples, fuzzy-headed filter house and a certain tongue..

Anthony Linell & Adiel - Raso

The pitch: an app that links likeminded dance music artists for collaboration. You'd put in a few key details—style, aims, production method—upload a photo posi..

Detroit's Filthiest - Premium Content

The recent releases from Detroit's Filthiest, AKA Julian Shamou, have offered us a full panorama of electro, from paranoid Drexciyan ..

Swing Ting & HMD - Just A Feeling

Featuring production from label cofounders Samrai and Platt, and vocals from HMD, "Just A Feeling" is the latest release from Manchester's Swing Ting crew. It's..

Chevel - Elvine Unlocked

For an artist frequently associated with "weightless," a style built on sonics, space and silence, Chevel's music feels like it's subjected to extreme pressure...

Thom Yorke - Overmono Remixes

In some ways, Overmono's two remixes of Thom Yorke's "Not The News" are similar. They're spacious, but neither has lost Yorke's drama or experimental flair. Bot..

Tobias. - 1972

In a review of A Series Of Shocks, Tony Naylor described Tobias Freund's unique ability to marry rough-and-ready techno with c..

Eris Drew - Fluids Of Emotion

It's only February, but it doesn't feel like a stretch to suggest Eris Drew's Fluids Of Emotion will be the house record of the year. It's certainly the ..

Cygnus - Connection Error

Cygnus is a vital cog in Dallas's electro scene. But he's also released breakcore, IDM and other styles of dance music. It can be har..

Robbenspierre - THREADS003

I'd like to find out the working methods behind Threads, a label that seems intent on squeezing every last ounce of emotion from its producers. The first EP fro..


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