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November 25, 2019

ARMA²⁰²⁰ in Moscow

Following a series of last-minute cancellations by the authorities in 2016 and 2017, the most respected electronic music community in Ru..

dweller 2020 in New York

Reflecting on dweller 2020, the Discwoman cofounder and the festival's mastermind, Frankie Decaiza Hutchinson, said via

Timedance Five Years in Bristol

It's been five years since Batu’s Cardinal stole our hearts. His label, Timedance, is currently at the forefront of Bristol's ..

Strom Festival 2020 at Berliner Philharmonie

The first piece performed at Berliner Philharmonie, the world-renowned classical music centre opened in 1963, was Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. Nearly 60 y..

SKALAR Live in Amsterdam

SKALAR, the collaborative project from the installation artist Christopher Bauder and the architect-turned-techno musician David Letellier (AKA Kangding Ray), i..

Griessmuehle - Is This The End?

At around midday on Sunday, as I strolled the long path from Sonnenallee to Griessmuehle for possibly the last time, the only other people in sight were a middl..

QT, UR, EA opening in Berlin

The line for the opening night of QT, UR, EA, an eight-week long exhibition at Berlin's Trauma Bar und Kino, was the kind you order pizza to. It was wild to wat..

EPIZODE 2020: Five Key Performances

This year's EPIZODE Festival showed why it's one of the most important rallying points for electronic music in South-East Asia. Across 11 days in December and J..

Search Festival 2019

On New Year's Eve, you want to be surrounded by people you love and dance to great music. Seven years ago, in Cape Town, South Africa, a group of friends took t..

Discakes NYE in New York

The first floor of the East Broadway Mall was unassuming. Hidden beneath the Manhattan Bridge in Chinatown, I've sped past the dim sum restaurant it houses, 88 ..

Wonderfruit Festival 2019

Thailand's Wonderfruit Festival, now in its sixth year, has become a critical nexus of Asia's music community. Presenting acts from Indonesia, Japan and beyond,..

Magnetic Fields 2019: Five Key Performances

Magnetic Fields Festival aims to establish India within the global electronic music community. It facilitates an exchange between prominent international artist..

DJ Koze and Róisín Murphy at Sydney Opera House

For the past month or so, Sydney has been bound by bushfires. The seemingly interminable blazes have incinerated bushland on the metropolitan fringes, the dense..

Five Years Room 4 Resistance in Berlin

Festive neon baubles and a unicorn balloon framed the main room of Trauma Bar und Kino on Saturday night. But as much as Room 4 Resistance's dance floor is for ..

MUTEK MX 2019: Five Key Performances

During my stay in Mexico City for MUTEK MX, I was often handed—or sent via WhatsApp—flyers for an unofficial party run by one of the capital's many crews. "I fe..

Floating Points live at Funkhaus Berlin

The challenge, surely, was to get everyone dancing. When I entered Studio 1, the grand wooden amphitheatre in the heart of Funkhaus, several hundred people were..

Inner City live at Shoom London

More than 30 years since it began, Danny Rampling's seminal club night Shoom hosted a one-off takeover at Electric Brixton on Friday night. Feeling like a giant..

Shi Fu Miz Festival 2019

Earlier this month, for the fifth edition of Shi Fu Miz Festival, I travelled to Hong Kong, a place where dancing in fields probably wasn't at the top of most p..

Club To Club Festival 2019: Five key performances

Club To Club, long regarded as one of Italy's best electronic music festivals, has undergone a transformation in recent years. The programming has shifted, grad..

Amsterdam Dance Event 2019: Five key performances

Somewhere near the Amsterdam Flower Market, a popular attraction for the city's middle-aged visitors, puzzled tourists stood gazing at a small crowd moving in t..


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