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November 24, 2019

DJ JM - Nasty, But Attractive

Those with a love for drum-led delirium and rough-around-the-edges club material will probably be familiar with DJ JM. In recent years, the Lithuanian DJ and pr..

Coby Sey - River

"It took me almost three years to complete after obsessing with creating a sound I can call mine," was how Coby Sey

Shlohmo - Heaven Inc.

There's a common thread that weaves between many of my favourite artists. It's a sense of ambiguity in their work, and a "take-what-you-need" artist-to-listener..

Dounia - Popping In The Abyss

Moroccan-American artist Dounia Tazia grew up playing the guitar, and has worked solo and with producers on and off since 2017. Her latest effort, Popping In..

Baba Stiltz - Running To Chad

With 2018's Showtime, Baba Stiltz pivoted to goofy pop music with mixed results, but the first single on his new label Cycle e..

Various - Drie punt twee (De Lichting)

This promising Dutch crew is the result of three separate labels merging: Yield, Native Response and Working Titles. The seven members are now pulling in the sa..

V/A - Workshop 28

Last month, Workshop, the German leftfield dance music institution, did what they do best. They released two 12-inches with zero fanfare, dropped to Hard Wax wi..

Parris - Polychrome Swim

Parris made a career of turning UK dance music inside out. His discography is an arsenal of bangers, but they rarely sound like you might think—featherweight wh..

BŪJIN ft Keegan Steenkamp – SERGIO

"SERGIO" is the latest single from BŪJIN, a multi-instrumentalist creator. She covers several grounds in her creative ..

John FM - American Spirit

With any luck, it'll be John FM's year. If you're into American dance music you've likely heard the Detroit artist's voice, whether on Omar-S cuts, his own exce..

Ital Tek - Dream Boundary

Ital Tek's music is always in flux. In the past decade, he's gone from hip-hop-inspired post-dubstep to footwork fusions to post-rock and soundtrack material. T..

Ikonika - Hollow

As proven on her April EP, Bodies, Ikonika excels at building pockets of serenity. Her latest 12-inch, Hollow, opens wi..

Otik - 4CB

While Otik usually releases club-focused tunes, his latest project moves towards other styles. The result ..

Wata Igarashi - Travelling

Wata Igarashi makes transportive music, taking the hypnotic style made famous by Donato Dozzy and the Prologue Records crew to dizzying new heights. Following h..

Dutchavelli - Bando Diaries

At the start of 2020, Dutchavelli appeared on the scene with his breakout single "Only If You Knew," his..

Zora Jones – Paranoid

Zora Jones' debut solo album, Ten Billion Angels, drops today via Fractal Fantasy. The project, which is excellent, leads with track "Paranoid." It's not..

Anz - Loos In Twos (NRG)

Anz's output, both as a DJ and as a producer, is an accumulation of various sub-genres, city-specific club music mutations and nostalgia-inducing eras. Her fasc..


[MONRHEA] has captured the soundscape of Nairobi's Ololua forest in THE CITY's SONICs. This..

Dua Lipa - Break My Heart (Moodymann Remix)

Dua Lipa and The Blessed Madonna's Club Future Nostalgia is something of a dance music crash course, weaving in classic samples f..

Loraine James feat. Jonnine Standish – Don't You See It

Loraine James found her creativity levels ebbing and flowing during lockdown. Despite the occasional dip, she maintained an admirable level of creative output, ..


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